Adoption event Sept 13th – four kitties adopted

Come visit our kitties at Hanover PetSmart on Saturday September 13th from 10 to 2.

If you are considering adopting a kitten the wise thing to do would be pre-approved through the YCSPCA, this would allow you to visit and adopt all in the same day.

If there is not a kitten at the event that steals your heart our satellite is only 8 miles from the event and you could swing by to see the other cats and kittens available.

010 (640x457)

Andro a tan marbled male available for adoption

As of now our satellite has 19 kittens and 9 adult cats available for adoption.  Kitten season is almost at its end for the year so if you want a baby now is the time to adopt or you may have to wait for spring.

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