Black cat appreciation day August 17th, this story will make you see why this day exists.

Thanks for setting up the page to honor black cats.  I think they are wonderful.  Two black cats have crossed my path, and I have been better off for it.

My wife got Pooka (and his brother, a fun brown Tabby named Higgy) before we were married, and I didn’t like cats until one day Pooka decided that we were going to be friends…and he was stuck to me like glue for well over a decade.  He was big and soft, and purry and talkative.  He was always cheerful and loved everyone, and wanted everyone to be his friend, to rub his tummy, and of course feed him. He loved his brother and became a great big brother to his adopted little sister, Elizabeth. He was taken from us suddenly, and he will always be missed.   I love cats now and can’t imagine not having them, and Pooka is the reason why.

When Pooka passed away, we adopted two tiny kittens from All About the Kitties.  Domo (picture attached), formerly Valko, is a fluffy little ball of hyper energy and cheerful mayhem.   He is always ready to play and run around, and he always gleam with kitteny happiness.  Although I’ve only known him a little more than year, he is already one of our best friends ever and he loves his adopted brother (Strax, formerly Waukesa, a chubby orange tabby who is not really related him) so much.  We call him the “Fun Panther” because he is much weirder and cooler than normal cats. You can’t replace a friend like Pooka, but our house felt empty without a happy black kitty in it.

I am glad that these two wonderful and loving black cats have crossed our path, and have given us over 16 years of good luck with much more to come.

Thank you for all you do to help these little (and big!) furballs and for helping people to realize that black cats are GREAT luck.
Brian & Chris


Pooka, RIP, loved and missed by his family, he I hear was a great cat.

Domo aka Valko adopted here 7-20-13

Domo aka Valko adopted from All About the Kitties on 7-20-13.

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