Black Cat Appreciation Day – August 17th

In most cultures black cats are depicted as bad omens although there are a few that see us as good luck, yes all the lucky black cats live in Japan or on a ship, we are in neither of those places but here in a York Pa shelter.

We are not evil or satanic; we are like any other cat just with a different coat.  If you would take some time to spend with us you would learn that black cats are amazingly friendly and sweet.  We love people and wish that people would love us back; yes there are some who know our breed but they are far and few between.  The superstitions of ole are just that, superstitions.

Raisel (12) (562x640)

Raisel DMH black female

Quinlan (6) (519x640)

Quinlan, black male

Qusay (4) (449x469)

Qusay, black male

Zander (8) (523x589)

Zander, black male

Hoyt (14) (552x640)

Hoyt, black male

Holden (9) (439x640)

Holden, black male

Give us a chance, adopt and love us, see how truly sweet and lovable we can be.  Did you know that August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation Day; maybe you should take that day to visit with us and see how special we really are.

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