The black cat love keeps coming in. More people are sharing pics of their beautiful black felines.

Allie, new sister to Azzra and Roddy (629x640)

Allie, big sister to two of our black kittens.

Roddy adopted 6-22-13 (480x640)

Aeryn aka Roddy adopted 6-22-13 from All About the Kitties with another black kitten named Azzra

Azzra adopted 6-22-13 (640x400)

Azzra as a young kitten had serious eye colds, she still has problems with URI and eye issues but she is loved by her new family. Adopted 6-22-13 with Roddy

Rory aka olenka 7-19-13

Rory aka Olenka adopted 7-19-13 from All About the Kitties satellite. She is a beautiful black cat with a sleek coat.

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