“Charismatic Kitty” meet Gilchrist Adopted 9-13-14

This is Gilchrist our “Charismatic Kitty” for September; he is a handsome marbled with white male kitten.  Gilchrist came in with 4 other siblings on 7-10-14, I estimated his birthday to be 5-10-14 which makes him about 3 ½ months.

He is a wonderful little boy who loves all humans big and small.  Gilchrist is so affectionate that every time we are in the room he is climbing, purring and loving every minute he has with us.  When cleaning the litter box his favorite thing to do is jump on our shoulders, rub his head on ours, wrap his front legs around our neck and purr until we put him down.  He would stay there as long as allowed.

Gilchrist has it all, a gorgeous coat and he is fun and lovable, you will search long and hard to find all the terrific traits found in this young man so you can see why we choose him for our “Charismatic Kitty”.  He has two marbled brothers, one that is almost identical to him and nearly as sweet.

Gilchrist (9) (640x479)

“Charismatic Kitty” for September meet Gilchrist

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