“Fabulous Feline” meet Rosie Adopted 9-18-14

Rosie is our “Fabulous Feline” for September; she is a beautiful brown tabby with orange female.  She came to the SPCA last year on 9-14-2014 with her babies, they have been adopted but Rosie waits and her one year anniversary is coming up soon.

For most folks anniversaries are special but not for poor Rosie, this anniversary means she has lived a good part of her life in a shelter with no one to love her.  While there she had nothing to do but eat and sleep and she doubled in size so now she is with us on a diet and losing weight each day.

Rosie is truly a “Fabulous Feline”, she is gorgeous, lovable, and super friendly, Rosie has a wonderful soft coat that is enjoyable to pet and she craves the attention.

We’d like to see Rosie get her forever home before her one year anniversary but that is coming up quickly.  Please help her get out of the system, come visit and I’m sure you will see the “Fabulous Feline” that we know and love, our girl Rosie.

Rosie (5) (640x455)

Rosie, Septembers “Fabulous Feline”

Call for information at 225-5095, or email allaboutthekitties@gmail.com .

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