Honoring black cats

In honor of black cats everywhere, we are dedicating a page just for them.

True, black cats and bad luck go hand in hand; unfortunately it’s the cat that has the bad luck, many people refuse to adopt a black cat because of superstitions which started in Europe during the Middle Ages. No they are NOT bad luck, they are not witches familiars and they are not satanic.

Midnight 5 years foster failure

Midnight, our 5 year old female, a foster failure.

A black cat is just like any other cat but wearing a different color coat. My experience with black cats is they are wonderful creatures, during our many years fostering we’ve had a lot of black cats, if they were bad luck I wouldn’t be here to talk about them. We found that black cats are very friendly, playful and loving, both male and female.

Give these sleek gorgeous critters a chance, adopt a black cat and see what you’ve been missing. View our page to see the beautiful animals that are in loving homes and know that the owners are not unlucky. Keep checking back to see how many pet owners are happy with their black cats.

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