Lucky black cats, click to view pictures

Roosevelt aka Obi black cat March 2013

Roosevelt aka Obi adopted at All About the Kitties 2013, he is 1 1/2 years old

Ari, 5 months

Ari, 5 months old, foster failure

Ace,  ycspca

Ace, adult adopted at the YCSPCA

Midnight, 3 years, abandoned garage

Midnight, 3 years old, as a kitten he was found in an abandoned garage

Deuce, 6-7 years, took for a family member

Deuce, 6-7 years old, took for a family member that couldn’t keep him.

Mummy, 6 years, ycspca 2008

Mummy, 6 years old, adopted at the YCSPCA in 2008

Licky 10 years old adopted through all about the kitties 5 months ago

Licky, 10 year old female, adopted at All About the Kitties 5 months ago.

Rhiannon's kitty, 9 months old, found in a snowstorm

Rhiannon’s kitty, 9 months old found in snowstorm

Sumatra, ycspca 3 years ago

Sumatra adopted at YCSPCA 3 years ago

Verona, ycspca 3 years ago

Verona adopted at the YCSPCA 3 years ago

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