Saved from the elements, Serendipity will be loved forever.

This story fits right into just about everything our site believes in, rescuing, adopting, spaying and neutering and loving animals.

A young black cat was wandering the streets of Spring Grove over the last few months, it was seen many times by residents but they were never able to get close enough to nab it.  Then one day a small kitten showed up and we decided to put out a live trap to catch the kitten and low and behold what we caught was the black cat.

We took the cat to the YCSPCA to be altered, for $15.00 they Felv tested her, spayed, ear tipped and gave a rabies shot.  As we always do we put her in our garage until she was awake enough to be released but in the meantime she was meowing in the trap.  This is typically a sign that the cat is in fact not feral, I transferred her to a larger crate without incident and she meowed so I decided to see how friendly she really was, I put my hand to the crate and she instantly came to it for attention, I then reached in to pet her and she rubbed her head against my hand wanting love that she so desperately missed. I believe that she was someone’s cat once for she is so outgoing and friendly.

My son and his fiancé were the people who saw her first and decided to make her a part of their family.  Serendipity is her name and how fitting it is because they found a lovable new friend and wasn’t even looking for one.


No more searching for food, hiding from danger or looking for shelter. This girl got lucky and found a home, this is truly “Serendipity”.

She is now safe, no more searching for food, no cold nights to endure plus she is altered so she can’t breed and most of all she will be loved for many years to come.

On another good note, the kitten was also trapped but he belonged to a neighbor, he had escaped from their home and now is reunited with his family. Two happy endings in this story how wonderful is that.

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