Christmas kitties

These kittens are still available for adoption, they would be so happy to be adopted and in their new homes for the Holidays.

Can’t you find it in your heart and make room in your home to give one of our babies the best Christmas ever, a family to love.

001 (640x504)

Cyrano, red tabby male, ACSPCA kitty. a kitty Angel now

012 (640x421) (2)

Cassie, torti female, talkative ACSPCA kitty, went to Heaven

013 (640x535)

Camille, marbled brown tabby female, cute ACSPCA kitty. Adopted by God

005 (640x405)

Adelita, brown tabby w/orange female, energetic ACSPCA kitty. Adopted

Wilga (2) (640x622)

Wilga, brown tabby female, fun ACSPCA kitty. Adopted

Vidonia (3) (640x624)

Vidonia, gray torti female, terrific ACSPCA kitty. Adopted

006 (640x596)

Avita, DLH black female, YCSPCA kitty. Passed Dec. 6th

Eliska (2) (556x640)

Eliska, brown tabby female, a wonderful YCSPCA kitty

Odina (6) (640x479)

Odina, brown tabby female, sweet YCSPCA kitty

Akulina (10) (640x479)

Akulina, white w/black female, YCSPCA kitty. Adopted

Zenzi (6) (640x479)

Zenzi, black and white female, heart shape nose a YCSPCA kitty. Adopted

Zebulun (7) (472x640)

Zebulun, black male, great YCSPCA kitty. Adopted

Zarko (3) (640x610)

Zarko, black and white male, laid back YCSPCA kitty. Adopted

058 (598x640)

B boys, black males, wonderful YCSPCA kitties, all 4 are adopted

Umber (2) (640x416)

Umber, gray tabby female, YCSPCA kitty. Adopted 12-9-14

Umbro (4) (640x575)

Umbro, black and white male, YCSPCA kitty. Adopted

Preto (2)

Preto, black male, shy YCSPCA male. Adopted

Sabeen (3) (640x566)

Sabeen, black and white female, crazy YCSPCA kitty. Adopted 12-12-14

Rafe (6) (640x479)

Rafe, marbled brown tabby male, lovable YCSPCA kitty Adopted 11-30-14


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