Cold took her sibling but Mackenzie saved Avita

The sad story of so many kittens in this world, it’s November and cold outside, too cold for little baby kittens to survive without a mom.  This little girl was found along a road snuggling with her dead sibling, we don’t know the reason for the death but it didn’t seem to be hit by a car so the only conclusion is the cold weather.  There is no way to know how they got there without a mom, maybe someone dumped them thinking they would be found along the road.  They were but a little too late for the one baby.

This little girl was lethargic and limp and very cold, until she got to us she had warmed up quite a bit after being held by kind humans.  Her temperature was normal, she was a little dehydrated and very hungry so we gave fluids and fed her a small amount of food.  She is doing well right now in a crate with warm bedding food and water.

I’d like to thank Mackenzie for saving this little life and getting her to safety.  There will be an update after she is tested for Felv and had her workup.

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Avita was given a second chance, it’s too cold for kittens outside without moms

She is a beautiful black kitten with longer hair, she is only one pound but it looks like her eyes have already changed to green.  Visit our site to see how she is doing.  Avita is her name, Vita means life but because she is a single kitten she gets an “A” name so her name Avita meaning “a life”.  Lucky for her the right person just happened by.

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