Kitten adoptions near Hanover and Gettysburg

kitties at petsmart

Babies waiting for their forever homes

For all of the folks in Hanover or Gettysburg Pa. that are interested in adopting a kitten “All About the Kitties” satellite is right around the corner.  We know it’s a long way to the York Co SPCA for Hanover residents but our satellite is located in Spring Grove.

We house kittens and cats for both Adams and York Co. SPCA’s.  Right now we have 23 available kittens and 9 adults in all shapes and sizes.

Once you are approved you may visit our crew and pick out the purrfect pet.  You may apply online to avoid the traffic, when you get the call that you are approved then you visit the kitty at our home, do the adoption there and take your new kitty home the same day.  To apply online go to the selection bar across the top of this page marked “how to adopt”, the link is on this page to apply.

At the top of this page marked “available kittens and cats” click on whichever you are interested in and enjoy looking at the pictures of felines that need forever homes.

You may email or call with questions about the kitties or the adoption process at 225-5095.

Thank you for looking.

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