Meet Mee Noi

Our boy is growing quickly, from the picture of him with his litter mates till now it’s amazing to see how quickly he has grown. He has been quarantined for 5 weeks because of the Felv + reading, he will have to be quarantined at least another 3 to 4 weeks until our cats are vaccinated and boosted, he is getting so very big and wants to come out of the room to play.  We are still waiting on the IFA test results, this is another way of testing for Felv. 

Mom is doing fine but I’m sure she’d also like more room to roam. We are keeping mom’s name Oshinko and the little boy is now Mee Noi which means “little bear” in Thailand. When they arrived he looked like a little stuffed bear so the name is fitting.  

All of the litters mates have been adopted and in their new homes, it’s a happy ending for all.

027 (640x597)

the O babies

008 (519x640)

Mee Noi, our new kitty, getting so big

017 (640x585)

He misses his siblings, no one but mom to play with

Oshinko (3) (379x396)

Mama Oshinko will live her life with her little boy and our 10 cats


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