Odarka loves her new home

Remember Odarka, she was one of the babies that tested negative to the Felv snap test while mom and brother tested positive.

All 4 kittens and mom have been adopted, as you may know we are keeping the two positive ones, mom and Siamese baby boy.  All of the others got adopted to different homes within days after testing negative for a second time.

Odarka went to a wonderful home and loving family, here is a picture of her quietly napping on a comfy blanket.  She looks very happy and content, we couldn’t ask for any more then that.  Our goal is to find a purrfect home for each and every kitty that we foster, so far we’ve had luck placing 226 happy kitties this year.


Odarka, so sweet and just purrfect

Thank you for adopting this terrific little girl.

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