TNR to prevent kittens from suffering

Look at the face of this sad, scared, cold, hungry and lonely girl.  What can we say about this story, a sibling died and Avita was clinging to life snuggling to her dead litter mate out in the elements on a cold November night.

TNR would have been a solution to this little girl never being sad, never being scared, never being cold and hungry, never missing her mommy and sibling.  If in fact this mom would have and should have been spayed this incident would never have happened, lucky for Avita someone found her and brought her to us before she too died in the elements or from starvation.

This is the second kitty we received this month that was found with deceased siblings, Adelita was with her two siblings that had passed and she too got lucky to be taken in before the extreme weather took her.

Spaying females, house pets, strays and ferals is the only way to prevent this from happening again and again.  We as a community need to all pull together to combat the problem, this is not just the problem of the shelters and rescues, it’s a nationwide problem and people need to step up and do the right thing so we can stop the suffering of these little guys.

The YCSPCA has a clinic to do TNR for the low cost of $15.00 per cat.  Adams County SPCA is working with Nobody’s cat foundation in Camp Hill to help the Adams Co. free roaming cat problem.  Many years ago it was difficult to find a vet that would alter stray and feral cats but that is not the case today.  If you have any questions there are organizations out there that will help teach you how to TNR.  If you see a cat, call someone for help and get that cat altered before it starts reproducing, now is the season to prevent many litters from being born in the spring.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful Christmas present for a female cat to be altered so she would not have to birth, hide, feed and raise litter after litter of kittens?  She could live a life of leisure, mouse and enjoy herself outdoors.  TNR is a wonderful gift for all cats, tis the season to give.


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Found with her deceased sibling, Avita was lucky to be found before she too died from the extreme cold

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Adelita was found with her two dead siblings. TNR would have worked for this mom, no babies no suffering. Adelita got lucky but not all do.



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