Watch us grow, week 3

Camille (4) (640x570)

Camille, Miss sweet weighing 1# 1.65 oz. # 46406

Cassie (1) (640x479)

Cassie, the runt at 15.15 oz. with a big attitude # 46405

Another week has passed and Carly’s kids are getting so big, they are a little over 4 weeks old and moving around much more and very curious.  I still see them nursing every chance they get but they are out and about more every day.

This week was the first I tried wet food and there are three that actually ate off of the plate.  They are much more steady on their feet, going in and out of the small litter box.  They still don’t understand what toys are and I haven’t really seen them wrestling with each other, by next week I think they will learn what “fun” is so stop back to see where they are in their development.

If you are interested in any of these kitties they should be ready the week of Christmas. As cute as these kitties are they won’t last long, if you are interested apply online for Carly’s kitties.





Candy (7) (612x640)

Candy, sweet as her name showing us how big she is weighing 1# .75 oz. # 46407 Adoption pending


Chloe (3) (517x640)

Chloe, Miss personality weighing in at 15.75 oz. a must have kitten # 46408 Adoption pending

Cyrano (2) (640x544)

Cyrano moving on all fours like his big cousins the Cheetah. He is only 1# .9 oz. # 46409


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