A Happy New Year for 276 felines

2014 has been a very busy year for Ken and I, we had housed about 308 cats and kittens (give or take a few) for the YCSPCA over the course of the past 12 months.  Not all have been placed in their new homes as of yet, there are still 10 with us waiting for their families. Sadly 2 kitties from that number had passed this year, Yona at 4 months, the vets believe she had a blood clot and Avita probably passed from whatever took her sibling when she was found.

Of the 308 we adopted 268 of them directly from our home, our goal for the year was 200, I must say never could we imagine housing and caring for that many animals in one year.  We also adopted 8 for the ACSPCA for a grand total of 276 felines placed in their forever homes in 2014.


Avita is in kitty heaven. No more suffering

Yona (10) (529x460) (529x460)

Yona only sick for one day, passed quickly. The vets believe it was a blood clot, RIP our baby girl

During renovations at the shelter we housed about 15 adults over the winter months plus we do the fluffy feline program all year long and many mama cats linger after their babies get adopted.  Hanover Petsmart played a big role in placing many of these cats, they took pretty many adults and a few kittens.  Thank you Petsmart volunteers for helping get these guys into their forever homes. Plus a few had been placed through the York Petsmart.

We want to thank all of the adopters for making this possible, without caring people like you we could not have made this happen and as we all know it’s “All About the Kitties”

Happy New Year too all

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