A great day for Felv + kitties

Do you remember the pickle babies, mom had 5 babies in a pickle patch found by the owner of the house.  Mom took them under the porch and returned with them when they were about 4 weeks old.

We took them to be tested for Felv, mom and one Siamese baby tested positive, all other babies were negative and placed in their new forever homes.  Not to shorten these wonderful cats lives we decided to adopt them, vaccinated all of our cats for Felv and brought these two into our mix.

When they were altered blood was drawn for another Felv test, it was sent out to a lab and came back negative, we were instructed to take them home and have them retested 8 weeks later, well today was the day.  Mom and baby went in for another snap test and much to our surprise they tested negative.

What I’ve read is that kittens under 6 months of age that test positive will always be positive but older kittens and cats can build up an immunity to the disease.  Our Mee Noi was only 4 weeks old when first tested positive but at 5 months of age he is clear of the disease along with mom Oshinko.

021 (640x625)

Mee Noi at 5 months old, happy and healthy

016 (640x626)

Oshinko is a beautiful healthy girl

What a great day it was to get such wonderful news.  We have two healthy happy and very lucky kitties.

This day will be remembered always as “Pickle day”  the pickle they were originally in is finally over.

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