The one and only Anatoli

Anatoli is a very cute little gray kitty, the family that adopted him thought he needed another kitten to play with.  As hard as we tried to match him with another kitty he wasn’t having it, from small to large he hissed, growled and attacked each and every feline we introduced him to.

Anatoli went home by himself and it wasn’t a bad thing, he turned out to be a wonderful little addition to the family, the pictures will show you just how much he is loved and how happy he is without another cat around.

Some kitties and cats prefer to be without feline friends and that’s quite okay.

Thank you for adopting this little ball of energy.

Anatoli 4 (640x567)

Anatoli has his own personal bed

Anatoli 2 (640x590)

He also has a lap to nap on

Anatoli 3 (640x529)

And likes helping with homework


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