Shy to stupendous, Odina’s brothers


I keep writing stories about Odina, you keep reading them I hope.  I just wanted to give you an update on two of her siblings, Ogleesha and Ouray were adopted together last June when they were little tykes.

Shy kitties usually once in a new home they come around quickly, but these two gave their new owners a fit.  They used the chimney as a safe haven, only to come down for dinner which they always did, once the chimney was closed off they found their way into the furnace room where they found many hiding places, upon closing off the furnace room they had no choice but to be within the living quarters of humans and the puppy.

It took about 1 1/2 months for them to be social and even longer to start trusting completely their new owners.  Many people would have returned these two little boys but not their new mommy, she never gave up on them.

Now they are all over the house, sitting on laps, eating good, still not sure of the puppy but love their forever home. These boys are getting bigger, living the dream and loved by their new family, there could be no happier ending for them.

I am still hoping for a happy ending for their sister Odina,  I’m working a getting her adopted, she’s been here so long that this is the only life she knows and still shy around strangers, which does not help in getting her adopted.  She needs a quiet home with someone that will let her have time to trust them, she will make a wonderful companion for a mature person that is around most of the day, she will learn to love once she learns to trust.

O and O 3

Odina’s brothers got lucky and picked early on, now adapted they are doing great.

026 (640x425)

Odina is still with us, probably doesn’t care to leave but she doesn’t know any better, this shelter is all she knows. We want so badly to find her love.



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