Castles for kitties

More happy endings for every special kitties.  After living on the streets as babies, the kitties coming through the shelter are probably just happy to have a safe place with food and water.  But to find a home is what makes their life truly complete.

Izzy Grey was just adopted last month and is doing well in her new home, she has a detached cornea but it does not seen to bother her at all.  Izzy Grey is adjusting very well to her hew home.

The other two beautiful girls were adopted from us last May, Hachi is the gray and white and Haloke is the dilute medium torti.  They are both loved by their new owner and the dog seems to like them too.

Three lucky girls in wonderful homes, a castle of their very own.


Izzy Grey adopted last month

Hachi and Haloke

These two adorable girls are almost 1 year old and have a terrific life as you can see.


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