The amazing Tom

For all of the people that say you can’t help a cat to lose weight please look at these pictures and think again.

Tom came to us on 1-27-15 at 21 3/4 lb.  He was here for only a few weeks and adopted on Valentines day, I just received this picture from his new family and the difference is unbelievable.  They don’t know his exact weight but just seeing the before and after picture will tell you these people are doing right by their new forever friend.

Tom is a special cat and was adopted quickly because of his outgoing personality, he has the cutest meow, “McCall” came from his mouth as he waited patiently for his food, it sounded more like a bird than a cat.  We miss him but are so glad he found a great home.

Tom looks happy and much healthier then when he arrived at our home.  Congrats to the adopters on helping Tom look his best.

009 (640x439)

Tom in January over 21 lb.


Tom, a happy and healthy boy



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