Laddie (Siamese mix male) Adopted

This is Laddie a blue or lilac point Siamese mix male kitten.  He is a YCSPCA kitty but he is living at All About the Kitties satellite, once your app is approved you may call to visit him there, we have very flexible hours, you can visit 7 days a week almost any time.

Laddie is the smallest kitten with the loudest voice which he uses to hiss, hiss and hiss.  What he doesn’t know is the hissing keeps us in the room with him more that he would like but getting him to be a friendly kitten is our goal and we don’t give up too easily.  He is cute and adorable and needs to be friendly to find his forever home.     He can go home once he reaches 2 # and is neutered.

For more information on him contact us, or call with questions at 717-225-5095.

He is available online through the YCSCPA, AFS 101823 Corallo kitty; once your application is approved you may visit him at the satellite where he is living.   We cannot put a hold on kittens and first approved app that visits gets first pick so if interested don’t delay.

Did you know that you can adopt the second kitten for free, that’s right a playmate for your new little one at no extra cost?

Laddie (9) (640x638)

Cute but oh so shy

Laddie (6) (640x415)

Our work in progress

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