Lucky kitties, survived the wild (all adopted)

There are very cruel people in this world, I’ve seen it first hand this morning.  I was on my way to the hospital because I was on call, driving down Glatco Lodge road I saw two small animals run across the road  and I knew instantly it was kittens.

I stopped and kept my eye on where they entered the brush and when I moved the leaves there were 3 little faces staring back at me.  I reached down and grabbed the one, went for the carrier in my car but it was not there so I called Ken to come to the rescue, in the mean time I started back holding one kitten when I went to get the other two they ran in the brush.  Hospital scrubs or not those kittens had to be caught so in the brush I went searching for them, found them and snatched up the second one, now I’m holding two and searching for the third but she took off and I couldn’t get her.

I went to the car and held them until Ken showed up with the carrier once they were secure we put the carrier by the wooded area and listened to the kitties talk back and forth.  I had to leave, I had a patient waiting for me and by the time I got back Ken had captured the third kitten, all safe and sound in the carrier.

Posted on facebook, Thursday someone saw a lady in a white BMW dump kitties in that area, these people were able to catch two and are taking care of them, I believe we got the rest of the litter.  Really someone that drives a fancy car has to dump kitties instead of surrendering them at a shelter.  Cruel is too nice word for these people and some day I hope they pay for their sins.

This is the V group, 2 boys and 1 girl, all tested negative for Felv and FIV, started on meds for URI and eye colds.  They ate like there was no tomorrow, starving for 3 days out on their own without a mom, we where just lucky that a hawk or fox didn’t find them before us.

They are probably about 7 weeks old from the size, very sweet little babies didn’t give us any trouble, a feral kitten would never let us get that close and we would never have been able to pick them up like we did.  They will be ready for adoption in about 2 weeks when feeling better.  Watch my site for updates on these kitties.

003 (640x519)

Lucky to be here, these babies would have died out on their own

Vascoli (4)

Vascoli was adopted 8-7-15


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