Arya (adult torti, front declawed) Adopted

You need to meet Arya if you are looking for a wonderful declawed girl.  Arya is only 1 1/2 years old but had a rough life thus far.  She was fostered through the SPCA and Arya had chronic URI’s as a baby, then she started vomiting and continued until she had to be taken to the ER clinic where the foster was told she had a blockage, but she didn’t, she recovered and finally was adopted.  Adopted only to be declawed and returned to the shelter because of her sneezing due to the chronic sinus problems as a kitten.  Arya then came to Loving Care Cat Rescue and once again was adopted, I’m not sure why she was returned but I can’t believe it was for anything bad, she is not a bad cat.  Arya was given to Loving Care Cat Rescue because this rescue takes animals that are pegged to be euthanized, and with the many returns Arya would have probably been on that list.

Arya is a wonderful girl, you will not find a better kitty, she is sweet and loving and adjusts to her new home wherever that may be very quickly.  The night she arrived at our satellite she strolled around like she lived here forever, she is getting along great with the other cats but I understand she doesn’t do well with birds and reptiles.  Arya is a real people kitty just looking for a family that will adopt her and love her forever.  Please help us find a home for this loving girl, front declawed, sweet and beautiful make her a great pick,

She is a Loving Care cat rescue kitty but she is living at All About the Kitties satellite, once your app is approved you may call to visit her there, we have very flexible hours, you can visit 7 days a week almost any time.

Her ID number is KC 57, Arya is spayed, has her distemper and rabies shots and she is micro chipped, her adoption fee is only $50.00.

For more information on her contact us, or call with questions at 717-225-5095.

Loving care cat rescue is an organization that helps cats in need, they are a no-kill rescue that has foster homes throughout Central Pa helping unwanted cats and kittens find their new forever homes.

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Arya is a beautiful and sweet girl

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