Marcy (multi color tabby female) Adopted

This is Marcy a marbled multicolored tabby female kitten.  She is a Loving Care cat rescue kitten but she is living at All About the Kitties satellite, once your app is approved you may call to visit her there, we have very flexible hours, you can visit 7 days a week almost any time.

I don’t know much about Marcy, she arrived at my house just today and already I know she is a great kitten.  She is energetic, friendly, fun and absolutely beautiful.  You will look long and hard to find another kitten as wonderful as her.  Marcy wasn’t satisfied with being your plain ordinary tabby, she made sure she came with all of the colors and patterns.  She is marbled and striped, has brown, orange and silver ticking like an Abyssinian.   This young lady is a great pick and if you want unique then this is the girl for you.

She is about 4 months old and the adoption fee is $50.00 which includes Felv and FIV test which was negative, distemper shots, worm meds and flea meds if needed.  The adopter is responsible for her spay and must send proof of completion once done.  If by chance we are able to get her spay done the adoption fee will be $75.00.

For more information on her contact us, or call with questions at 717-225-5095.

Loving care cat rescue is an organization that helps cats in need, they are a no-kill rescue that has foster homes throughout Central Pa helping unwanted cats and kittens find their new forever homes.

037 (640x479)

She looking for you, Marcy needs a home of her own, she’s done with the shelter life time to move on.

024 (640x579)

Nothing more beautiful then the coat of many colors that Marcy sports


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