Angel of mysteries, Raziel

Little Kitty, an adult mama cat and her baby came to us last night, baby weighing 13.25 oz.  Baby didn’t have a name as of yet but I recently named her Raziel which means “Angel of mysteries”.

The reason for this name is a very sad one, baby was with mama last night when we went to bed, we woke at 6 to find her by herself and lethargic, weighed her and she was down to 12.25 oz.  After syringed feeding and fluids which she didn’t like she was in with mama again but didn’t want to be with her, instead Raziel stayed alone.

About 11:00 I could see there was something drastically wrong with baby so we took her out and held her knowing this would be her last day on this earth.  She was a beautiful baby and died for no apparent reason, it is truly a mystery hence the name Raziel for she is an Angel.

She was so small and never had a chance for a good life, how unfair is this for these babies to be born and suffer and die with no chance at all.  This could have been prevented, Little Kitty the mama cat was in fact owned by a family that never had her spayed but still left her outside to roam, someone needs to teach them about the birds and bees and explain it also works the same for cats and dogs, unaltered females will get pregnant and many times babies will suffer and die.

Humans actually caused this by being irresponsible, when will we humans step up to the plate and do the right thing, my guess is NEVER, humans are selfish and greedy and many don’t care about the welfare of animals. What was God thinking when he created man, I’ll never figure that one out.

Fly with the Angels baby Raziel, find your sibling that is waiting for you.  You will be remembered because in your short life you touched so many.

004 (640x380)

Fading quickly in the arms of a true animal lover

001 (513x640)

A beautiful girl looking for the light, she found it on 9-30-15 at 12:38 PM. She was loved if only for a short time.

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