This is the life

These are lucky kitties that got adopted into their new forever homes.  These pictures are what makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Kitties that didn’t ask to be born into an overpopulated world of cats, kitties that maybe wouldn’t have had a chance if we didn’t open our doors to them, kitties that are really special and deserve a good life and these guys got what every kitten wants.  A great life, happy in their new homes and loving the families that adopted them.

Remember if you adopt one kitten or cat you saved two, by adopting one and taking it out of a rescue that opens up space to bring in another feline in need, so save two kitties by adopting just one or save 4 kitties by adopting 2.  Only humans can make the difference in these little babies lives.

Edison and Ingo (640x408)

Edison and Ingo loving their new home

Cat and Kohl

Catriona and Kohl happy together


Gwyneth living the good life


Tadashi has his very own bed and toys.

oran3 (583x437)

Oran is a high climber and proud of it

Estee and Hoshi

Estee and Hoshi have a comfy bed


Milky looks happy now in a real home.

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