Home for the Holidays, happy cats

These are some lucky kitties in their new forever homes for the Holidays.  There are many in our care that might not have a stocking hanging by the chimney.  Look how happy these babies are now that they have a special family to love.

Bailey (640x410)

Enise adopted last year has a new friend that was hugging her and then whacked her right after this picture was taken.

Hoshi, Estee and Annis

A happy threesome, Hoshi, Estte and Annis found a great home.

Jocko and Akako (640x480)

Jocko and Akako are loving life.

Laveda (480x640)

Laveda found a new best friend and protector.

Londyn 2 (528x400)

Londyn living the dream.

Mab 2 (583x437)

Snuggled in tight for a long winters night and Mab thinks it’s wonderful.

Murdoch and Morgance (640x480)

What purrfect picture. This is Murdoch and Morgance happy to be together.

Rover (640x360)

Rover is played out, he now has a big house to explore.

Tadashi (480x369)

Tadashi had a few medical issues but is now content with his new family.


Orla loves the big screen TV.

2 L's

Legend and Lil found a wonderful bed to relax in.

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