There’s no place like home

These are some of the kitties adopted in the past,all but one were adopted this year.  They all found very happy homes and are having the time of their lives.

There’s no place like home.

Almond (640x360)

Almond is getting big and her yellowed fur is growing out, she is happy to be home.

Bella (640x436)

Bella adopted 2 years ago is the queen.


Dagbert loves the tree, it is full of balls to play with.


Dembe loves mom better than the tree.


Human Desmond is worried that kitty Desmond is going to be in trouble.

Keenan 2

Keenan turned into a lap kitty

Londyn 6

Londyn is so comfortable in her new home.


Lucy loves her toys and having a mom makes life great.


Tadashi is feeling “Peace On Earth”

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