Adopt to make a “Happy New Year”

These are some kitties that have been with us a while, they are bigger but still very playful and want desperately to have a family of their own, one to love and care for them, a house with windows to look out and a warm body to sleep beside at night.

These cats and kittens are all wonderful creatures that didn’t ask to be born into this over populated world of cats, didn’t ask to be abandoned by their owners and only want a home of their own.

If you or anyone you know could help these felines find a home soon it would be a very Happy New Year for them.

Call Ken or Kim and 717-225-5095 to visit and give a kitty in need a life.

Wibke and Wateka (10) (566x640)

Wibke si a beautiful black female with a great temperament.

Weema (418x566)

Weema is very cute and a sweetheart. Adopted

Winsome (4) (602x640)

Winsome is the attention hog, she horns in on all of the loving. Adopted

Luxi (1) (597x640)

Luxi raised her babies and now looking for her family

Carmelita (3) (518x640)

Carmelita is a mama and all of her kitties left for Christmas, she is super friendly. Adopted

Wibke and Wateka (6) (640x504)

Wateka is sleek and sweet.

Little Kitty (6) (640x500)

Little Kitty is what she is, an adult at only 5 lb. She loves everyone. Little Kitty will have her Happy New Year, adopted today 12-28-15

Didget (13) (396x618)

Didget is a big boy losing weight, He loves belly rubs. Didget is declawed and 9 years old

005 (2) (449x640)

Gracie is our oldest, 11 years old but still has lots of spunk, she was overweight but trimmed down nicely.

001 (640x451)

Hesutu and Hanska love each other, they are brothers

032 (640x620)

Helki is a shy girl but very pretty, she is coming back from another foster home soon.

006 (493x640)

Our Pidge man, abandoned by his owners, he is chipped but the chip only finds the owners that want the cat and Pidge’s owners would not return phone messages. Pidge is about 11, he is a wonderful boy who talks for his meal. Adopted 12-31-15, Happy New Year Pidge

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