Cat whisperer needed for Mara / Finally adopted

This is Mara, she was picked up at a local shelter with her 6 babies.  Mara is probably a Siamese mix because of the size of her ears and the fact that she talks to us constantly.  Mara is a small framed cat, full grown and a dilute torti.

Every time we walk into the room she is meowing, she rubs against our legs but never lets us pet her.  She raised her six babies, all adopted, because we are unable to touch her she lived with many other litters of kitties and even left them nurse.  Finally we were able to pet her but only when she was in the tower, if out and about she runs from us.

The time has come for her to leave the comfort of her room and she now resides in the basement with other adult cats, she is doing fine with the others but whenever we try to touch her she runs.  Mara needs a home but it has to be a home that understands Mara lives on her terms.  I think once in a home she will come around, the more exposure to humans the better off she will be.

Are you the cat whisperer that Mara needs, if so please email or call (717)225-5095 to visit our misunderstood girl.

Mara (640x568)

Mara in her petting tower.

Mara (2) (640x404)

Mara out with the adult cats