Gracie “Fabulous Feline” for February Adopted

It’s a New Year and some kitties that arrived last year are still with us.  It’s time to let you in on some wonderful cats that we have to place.  We are going to start with our girl who has been here the longest, Gracie.

Gracie is our “Fabulous Feline” for February; she is a brown tabby female, she will soon be 12 years old.  Gracie’s family moved to a “No Cat” home which left her to be placed in a rescue.

Gracie was 19 1/2 lb. when she arrived in June of last year.  She has been on a diet since then and is now down to 13 lb.  She is not an energetic kitten but she gets around very well and seems to be a happy girl.  Gracie was never with other cats until she arrived, many have come and gone since her first day here.  Gracie is a talker, has beautiful big eyes and loves people.  Gracie likes high places like her tower, she lays with her front legs hanging down and meows for attention at everyone that walks by, loving is her favorite thing.

She lives with other cats and sometimes shows that she is the eldest with a little hiss but she’s never been aggressive, she’s all talk.   Because of her age the adoption fee is only $35.00. What a great price for a “Fabulous Feline”, you won’t be disappointed.

Call for information at 225-5095, or

006 (2) (640x465)

Gracie hanging and waiting for her family.

Gracie (621x640)

Gracie at 13 lb. She is now ready for a home of her own, one that allows cats.