Help hoarder cats All Adopted

There are still 28 cats that need help.  We started taking cats and kittens from an local county hoarder situation, these cats and kittens are living in horrific conditions, 43 cats and kittens lived in a small house, never vetted and most certainly hungry.  The living conditions are not fit for man nor beast but there are in fact 2 people that had 43 felines living in a very small home.

We have already taken 15 cats and kittens to help, only 3 have been adopted so far.  We are hoping to adopt as many of these cats as possible, once we adopt some we can save more.  Please consider adopting so we can help the others.  If you can’t adopt pass this on to friends and family, maybe someone will be able to help.

These cats and kittens are pretty healthy considering the life they lived since birth.  They are a little food aggressive which comes from not having quite enough food and now unwilling to share.  Two of the kittens have a scratched cornea and that probably came from the older cats wanting to feed first.  Now they have as much food as they need, have clean litter boxes and fresh water at all times but there are still 28 living in unhealthy conditions.

The cats were not without love, most of them are very friendly and love people, only a few are a little shy but with time will come out of their shells and make wonderful pets.  For more info on these sweet guys call (717)225-5095 or email

Jobina (1) (640x478)

Jobina was one of the first to be brought in, her brother and sister already adopted. Jobina adopted

Kelso (10)

Kelso is a great cat, that loves other felines and people. Adopted

Keyna (14)

Keyna is sweet and perfect. Adopted

Jabez (6) (640x406)

Jabez, a little man is so sweet, he has a scratched cornea but it doesn’t seem to bother him. Adopted

Jonesy (9) (521x640)

Jonesy is fluffy and lovable, her right eye has a little damage but it doesn’t hurt her. Adopted

Jet (3) (579x640)

Jet is a little boy and just a little shy, he is starting to make his way out. Adopted

Kameko (578x640)

Kameko is a young cat, a very pretty torti girl. Adopted

013 (640x629)

Kemble is doing great, shy at first but a true lover.

021 (400x549)

Joelle after fighting for her life is doing great and ready for visitors. Adopted

Koora (1) (640x522)

Koora loves humans, he is a small cat that will make a wonderful pet. Adopted

Kalika (4) (640x416)

Kalika is a super small cat, almost a year old and only 5 # Adopted

Janisa (6) (640x479)

Feisty and sweet, Janisa is waiting for her new home. Adopted

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