It’s a wonderful life.

These are the lucky kitties in their forever home for the New Year.

A boys 2

Amaroo and Allambee found their perfect sleeping spot, hope their new lap doesn’t need anything for a while, cats can sleep along time.

Z and N

Zarya and Nonie became best friends, one kitty was not enough for this wonderful family and Nonie (gray and white) won.

Venka 3

Venka adopted with her sister is now without her, Vanja developed FIP and crossed the rainbow bridge.


Tom and Bubba, 2 very big cats were adopted by a great family and kept them on their diets. Bubba who was 20 lb. is now down to 9, incredible. Tom who was 22 lb and now 12. Great job mom and dad.


Quigg didn’t know he liked dogs until adopted.

Macnair 2

Macnair loved Christmas, his new family is thrilled to have him, lucky boy.


Jabari was from the hoarder group and got a great home, without 42 other cats struggling to get dinner.


Hobbit looks a lot like his new sibling. He was part of a TNR program but one of our group realized he and his siblings were too young to go back out, they all were adopted.


Eliska was with us a long time but her day finally happened, she was picked and happy with her new counter part.

Arlen 3

Arlen is just too cute, he is full of energy but stopped to pose in his new sweater.

Arlen 2

Arlen made this couple very happy. Thanks for adopting.

Rad and Vad

Radimor and Vadik are now adults and know that life is truly wonderful

We have 20 cats and kittens that need to fine their new families, if you know anyone looking for a companion tell them about us.