Katey (blind & deaf calico)

This is Katey and adult calico female cat.  She is a Loving Care cat rescue kitty living at a foster in the Harrisburg area. For information on her call 574-4851 or email frogs.haven@verizon.net

Katey was owned by an 81 year old who fell and is now going to a nursing home.  The person surrendering the cat didn’t bother to tell the shelter that she was deaf and blind.  This 8 year old front declawed cat is a big girl weighing almost 16 # so I’m sure she is not having trouble finding the food.  She just arrived at our home and is in a room with another adult cat although Chester is not too sure he wants to be there.  Katey is finding her way to the litter box, she walked around the room, found a soft bed and is now relaxing.  She seems to be fine within the small area.  From what I read blind and deaf cats have few issues in a home, just do not move the furniture around so the cat is always familiar with the room and steps should probably be closed to avoid any accidents.  Katey is a pretty girl with the most unique tail, half way down it turns to a very light calico color.

Her ID # is KC 199; the adoption fee is $35.00 which includes a negative Felv and FIV test, distemper shots, worm meds and flea treatment plus her spay and she is already microchipped and declawed.

Thank you for looking

Loving Care cat rescue is an organization that helps cats in need, there are foster homes throughout south central  Pa helping unwanted cats and kittens find new forever homes.

023 (640x402)

Katey is getting around just fine

022 (640x560)

She is waiting to go out the door she knows is there.

021 (640x474)

Katey is a sweet girl