Felv + is not always the end

December of 2015 we picked up a litter of longer hair kitties that tested Felv positive, after bringing them home 3 tested negative.  Firmin was one of the bigger boys and he was still positive so he was put in a separate cage to protect his siblings.  A few days after the tests were negative his sister Fosetta passed, we have no idea from what and it happened so quickly.  Then Farman and Felicity were adopted together and Firmin had to wait until we tested him again, 30 days after the last one.

We had a visitor that had no other cats and wanted only one, she saw Firmin and fell in love, I explained how he should be the only cat for now and that he might in fact still fight the Felv and become negative.  She adopted him knowing he might not have a long life but she wanted to give him love for as long as he was on this earth.  He was adopted.  Firmin is a wonderful boy who loved all and just wanted love back.

I just got an email that Firmin had his vet checkup and was tested once again for Felv, this time he was negative, we have had many kittens come through our home that were positive and fought the disease and are healthy happy cats, today Firmin is one of those lucky kitties.  Firmin was fortunate that his adopter took a chance and decided to give him a good home no matter what the outcome and lucky for all he is now clear.  Here are some pictures of Firmin in his new happy home.

Firmin 4

He is a handsome boy

Firmin 5

Loved by all, Firmin is a great cat

Firmin 2

Firmin loves all

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