We are the Lucky ones

More happy kitties in their new wonderful forever homes.

Anakoni 4

Anakoni is very loved and gets better looking everyday.


Jobina is happy living with her cousin Joelle


Joelle was so small for her age but getting bigger and happy in her new home.

Lilka (3)

Lilka grew into a gorgeous girl, she has a great home and adored by her new family.


Mocha getting used to her new environment, Jayla not out for her picture just yet.

Ochen 3

Ochen loves his new bed.


Viggo is still a little shy but very handsome


Volosa is a beautiful girl, she has a Bengal look.

2 thoughts on “We are the Lucky ones

  1. Thank you so much for showing me your kitties. I may try to wait until we return from vacation to adopt. If you happen to get any all gray female kitties please let me know.

  2. We love Ochen so much! He is such a welcome addition to our home! Thank you so much for all the wonderful work that you do and the love that you provide these kitties. We could not be happier. Kim & Ken you are truly special people and we are blessed to have found you.

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