Kitties new adventures

Here are just a few lucky kitties in their new forever homes.  Some are finding new adventures while others very content sleeping on a nice soft bed.

sheehan (640x485)

Sheehan loving the view, he watches the birds and squirrels, what a great adventure for such a little man.


Ailis found a new friend but not sure the new friend is too fond of her.


Alejandra is happy to be safe, after being hit by a car she is lucky to be here.


Wow a window to watch the birds and a soft perch too.

claus (640x452)

Claus on his first day make an unexpected new friend. Live wire Snacks a beagle mix usually hyper doesn’t know what to make of the cat that doesn’t run away.

Claus fishing

Snacks must be sleeping because Claus found another hobby, hope he can’t get into the tank, fish is one of his favorite flavors.

Jonesy and Koora

Jonesy and Koora came from a hoarder, now they are living the life with a wonderful family, two children a dog and each other.


Mahoney is bright eyed and so adorable sitting on his new person.

Morgance and Murdoch

Two M babies snuggled together and getting big. These kitties are truly loved.


Mowgli found a soft spot to nap, what a lucky boy.


Murdoch found a new friend too, not one he can eat but I think he like Miss Hen.

paine 2

Paine is comfy, happy and in a great home, what more could any kitty want.

Pongor 3

Pongor has a slight heart murmur and couldn’t be neutered but he went to his new home and waiting to outgrow the murmur. He loves his new tower.


What a great picture, Rory with only one eye found his seeing eye dog, since the dog is sleeping that must be the thing to do.


Shona has a wonderful new toy to keep her busy.