Meet the teenagers

I want you to meet some of the most wonderful creatures I’ve ever met.  These are our teenagers looking for their new forever home.  The great thing about adopting kittens over 3 months is they are pretty much out of that really crazy spinning around climbing the walls stage.  At 3 months they start to develop their personalities, if you are looking for a particular personality in a kitten do not adopt a baby under 3 months old.  The babies are exactly that, babies that like to rump and play, their true colors will start to show as they grow.  Please don’t think you will adopt a baby and mold it because for the most part cats cannot be molded.  Adopt a teenager, most times at this age they are what they will be with a few exceptions, there are always exceptions to the rule.

Adoption fee is $75.00, we do microchips for an additional $25.00.  If you would like to visit one of terrific teenagers please call 225-5095 or email at

Orlie (2) (640x480)

Orlie, poor girl was held for two families and both backed out. She is a sweet loving girl that loves being petted. Orlie is patiently waiting for that truly special family to take her home this time. Adopted

Urson (14) (565x640)

Urson is our handsome man in the bunch, he is super friendly, loves people and is a player. Adopted 7-1-16

004 (640x565)

Rachna has a beautiful ticked tabby coat, sweet and wonderful.

Ulani (2) (640x479)

Ulani is an adorable tuxedo and the youngest in the group of teenagers. Adopted 4-28-16