Windsor our little cutie pie. Adopted

This young man can in one day and was adopted the next.  Windsor is an adorable and lovable little man, he was the smallest boy in the litter, his brothers have already been neutered and in their new forever homes.

Lucky for Windsor and his sister Wilona there was a mama cat whose babies have already been placed, she still having milk to spare decided to take this litter as her adopted kids.  Windsor and Wilona were much smaller than their brothers and can use the extra nourishment.

Saffi, mama cat deserves a special home for taking care of these two orphans, if you know anyone looking for a truly terrific girl tell them about Saffi.

Saffi (5) (477x549)

Mama Saffi adopted these kitties as her own, lets find a great home for her, she deserves it.

Windsor (6) (541x640)

Windsor, see how cute he is, no wonder he got picked so quickly. He will be living with 4 other lucky kitties adopted through our satellite.