Meet the “W’s”

This is the latest litter to arrive, it’s actually more than one litter, different weights confirm that.  They all get along with each other very well and all are so adorable and sweet.  Meet our W litter.

For more info on these babies call 717-225-5095 or email


Wable (DMH female) Adopted

Wakita (6) (545x640)

Wakita (female) Adopted

Walby (1) (640x408)

Walby (DMH male)

Wicka (8) (640x423)

Wicka (female)

Wickham (2) (640x501)

Wickham (male)

Windell (2) (506x640)

Windell (male)

Wilby (7) (640x478)

Wilby (male) Adopted

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