Happy homes

Lucky kitties got great homes.  There are many kittens still looking for their forever homes, can you help them reach their dreams by adopting.

Abeo2 (478x461)

Abeo loves her new friend


Adalina is so content


Angelika got fluffier

Firmin 4 (640x480)

Firmin left here positive for Felv, he beat the disease within the next month and should have a long happy life, he is loved.


Mara was so shy we never thought she would be adopted but she was and she is very happy. Thanks to the family that gave her a chance.

R siblings (640x407)

Raisa and Reilly living their life together.


Reardon found a comfy blanket

umberto (579x640)

Umberto was scared, hissed and growled at humans. One week later this is his new look. A wonderful family took a big chance and won a wonderful companion.


Umbro is now living out west and looks happy to be there.


Zavion also shy hit the jackpot when his new mommy adopted him.

Wilby (640x422)

Wilby is no longer shy and reserved.

Edric 3

The first night and he owns the house.

Z boy (640x367)

The two Z boys are getting big, you can see how kitties love other kitties, best to adopt two.

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