Happy Christmas cats

A very Merry Christmas for these wonderful kitties, they found their furever homes.

Many are still waiting for their Christmas gift, they asked Santa to find them a home of their own.

Afton found a home and new best friend.

Andreas and Yuli are happy together

Ardis is a sweet girl

Arlo is decked out for the occasion

Our survivor of distemper Beecher is a lucky boy to have beat the horrible disease and found a great friend, they love watching tv together.

Gigi is a gorgeous girl with a sweet new pal.

Gobbles won the heart of a special person.

Ingram is relaxed in his new home.

This trio was not split up, they could not leave the last one behind. Content kitties.

Lilka is such a beautiful girl

Mansi and Mungo found the best home after being returned. They are truly lucky kitties.

Content babies

Minik is living the life

What a good looking tuxedo and a bed to himself

Rachna found the best sleeping spot, she is loved.

Ricardo is a handsome boy with a nice soft bed.

Sarabi, what a great looking man and I can see he is not spoiled Lol

Ushma is so cute

Yuki found a nice lap for a nap

Lil and Legend enjoying their new cat tower

The Z girls, the little one got out and was lost for many months, she found her way home and is happy again.

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