Run free my Valor

A sad day at the Corallo’s, today Dec 22nd we helped Valor, a wonderful kitty Cross the Rainbow Bridge.  He developed FIP two weeks ago but was still eating and playing.  We decided to bring him home and give him as much love as possible until he started to show signs of suffering.

Valor was a terrific little man that truly loved life and humans, he came from a colony in Lancaster.  Being a baby the founder decided not to put him and his siblings back out so he found his way into our rescue and into our hearts.  Right now mine is breaking, Time will ease the pain but Valor will never be forgotten.

Play with the Angels and when you tire, sleep on the soft plush clouds my dear sweet Valor.  Live forever with all of the kitties that went before you and all of the kitties to follow.  I LOVE you my special little boy.

Handsome and fun

Just the sweetest boy ever.

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