Land of Misfit Kitties

Even though their foster parents and the wonderful volunteers that care for these kitties don’t think they are misfits, the kitties themselves must feel unloved and unwanted to the outside world.

These kitties came to the satellite last year many as kittens or mama cats, overlooked for so long they must wonder why kitties come and go and they never get to leave.

Our basement is a safe haven to cats and kittens that would have very likely been left outside to fend for themselves or euthanized in other shelters but it’s NOT a home and the many that are sadly left behind for what ever reason must wonder why, why they are never picked to have their own family to love them.

They live here day by day and get what attention we have time to give, which isn’t nearly enough.  They have each other but sometimes get on each others nerves living in close quarters, they have no windows to look out, can’t bask in the sun, some never saw a bird or a butterfly.  They never got to sleep in bed with a human of their own and to a kitty that’s something much missed.

It’s the sad truth that all of these poor babies many now adults have lived most of the life within the walls of a rescue.  We love them, they are safe and have food and toys but they DO NOT HAVE A HOME.  Every animal deserves better than that, we need kind caring people to step up to the plate and give these felines a chance, give them a life, give them a home and most of all give them the love they desire.

Valimai came as a kitten in May, she is now one year old.

Mandu just turned a year old in January, he is a very boy.

Tegan was a mama cat that came with her 6 babies, they left but she didn’t. She’s a nice girl.

Gallus came with his mama and other kitties in May, he was a baby, contracted distemper and lived. He deserves a family to love him, he had a rough start in life.

Glenys is a mama cat, may or may not be Gallus’s mom, there were 3 adults and 5 kittens dumped at Lake Redman.

Kelby was born in April, born in a house, he should have been sweet and cuddly but the lady dropped the ball and he was very shy. Not his fault he was left behind, he has turned into a great boy.

Magee was born in May probably to a Felv + mom, Magee and his siblings are all Felv +. He is a great young man, loves to snuggle, lives with other cats and dogs. A great boy.

Unice came in July, super shy but doing very well now, she is adorable.

Ladybug is a wonderful mama cat, she and her babies came in June and she loves humans. Ladybug greets all of the visitors in hopes of winning their hearts.

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