Ladybug “Fabulous Feline” for March Adopted

The new year is upon us and some of the kitties and adults that came in 2016 are still here. Ladybug is a mama cat that was adopted but returned because the little boy became allergic.

Ladybug is our “Fabulous Feline” for March; she is a tuxedo girl with big white whiskers and beautiful amber eyes. Ladybug is a wonderful girl that chirps and likes to talk to people, she is more like a dog than a cat. Ladybug is older, maybe 4 or 5 but acts like a kitten. She loves digging toys out of their box, she chases them around the basement and loves playing. Ladybug greets everyone that comes to the satellite, she talks and reaches out for pets.  She is a little on the heavy side because she gained weight while being adopted so she is on a strict wet food diet which she is fine with, she has lost 1 ½ lb. since her diet started. Ladybug is a little bossy with the other cats, maybe because she was a mom or maybe because she is a little older and thinks she is in charge but whatever the reason she shows her dominance at times. This girl is a true love bug that loves humans and craves attention, don’t miss out on a super cat, if you want a friendly outgoing girl then Ladybug is the one for you.

Ladybug is spayed, up to date on shots and her adoption fee is $50.00.

Call for information at (717) 225-5095, or email

Ladybug before she packed on the pounds

Ladybug relaxing

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