Black Cat Appreciation Day August 17th

Thursday August 17th is black cat appreciation day.  We have plenty of black kitties and many more coming, you can adopt one of our beautiful black babies and celebrate on the 17th with your new forever feline.  Black is where it’s AT, just ask these guys.

Kitten adoption fee is $75.00, adults are $50.00 and $25.00 extra if you want a microchip,  For info on these or any other kitties in our care call (717) 225-5095 or email

Lakelyn, this girl is spayed and ready to go home. (Adopted)

Briley is a baby and needs to be neutered before leaving

Bingham will need to be neutered before he leaves.

Lachlan is my trouble child, he is 3 months old but insist on only eating KMR, once he reaches two # he can be neutered and go to his forever home, hopefully on kitten food.

Cartsen is a newcomer, he is still tiny and needs to grow some before leaving.

Valamai is our adult, she’s been here since May of last year, she came in as a kitten and was overlooked many times. She would love a home with windows to watch the birds and butterflies.

Three little piggies, just babies and messy eaters, these babies have a few weeks before they will arrive but they will need good homes.


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