Quick view, 34 kittens need homes!

We thought kitten season was soon over but now wondering why there are 34 kittens looking for their forever homes.  Not only do these guys need a home but there are still kitties waiting to come in, we can only save more if we adopt the ones already here.

All of these kittens are still under a year old.  Most of our kittens are altered, have all of their shots and ready to go home.  The younger ones can be adopted but must stay with us until they are of age and able to be spayed or neutered.

Ziri born 4-2017, she has been in the rescue for most of her life. Ziri is mellow and adorable.

Marnie is a gorgeous torti that is very sweet. She was born in 5-2017 (Adopted)

Alza is a pretty girl born 4-2017. She is full of energy and tons of fun.

This young man is very handsome, with spots and stripes in his coat. Zanobi is getting bigger, he was born in 4-2017

Zayden is adorable, he has stripes and spots which makes a very handsome coat. He was born in 4-2017

Briley is a sleek black boy, he is super friendly and loves humans. Briley was born in 6-2017 and has lots of energy.

Darius has a light brown coat and he is a great kitty, all of his 6 siblings have already been adopted. Darius was born at the end of May 2017 and will make a great companion

This girl came from a very bad situation but is doing great. Garland is very small for her age, We are guessing she was born in 5-2017 and very friendly for the though start in life she had.

Poor Poppy was starving when she arrived, Poppy has rebounded nicely, she is gaining weight and full of energy. She is a beautiful girl and small for her age, we think she was born in May of 2017

Emerald came from a bad place with a bad eye that had to be removed. She doesn’t even notice it’s missing, maybe she just feels so much better. She was born in 5-2017, she’s a pretty girl that is trusting humans now even though she was neglected as a baby. (Adopted)

Ece came with 3 siblings and they have been adopted, she is a little shy but coming around and loving her hammock for naps. She likes other kitties and was born in 6-2017.

Abernethy is a very unique boy with spots and stripes. He is very sweet and likes people plus other kitties. Abernethy was born in 5-2017 (Adopted)

Amadi is a great kitty with huge eyes. She’s friendly, sweet and is tons of fun. Amadi loves people and other kitties, probably born in June of 2017

Gorgeous Hadya was shy at first but starting to trust people. She has a very pretty coat of many colors and loves other kitties. Hadya was born sometime in June of 2017

Hasina is so cute, with her adorable spots and orange highlights. She is more outgoing than her look alike sister and she gets along with everyone. Hasina was born in 6-2017

Little Alohi came from Perry Co, she was all along under a deck. She is too cute, friendly and loves to play Alohi was born in late June of 2017

Imogen came as a shy girl but wow what a transformation. She is now sweet and always sits politely for her daily pets. Imogen is a bit older but has a great personality, she was most likely born in April of 2017 (Adopted)

Gorgeous Ilka, she is an adorable girl with soft fur, she is small for her age, we are guessing her to have been born in mid April of 2017 (Adopted)

Istvan is a good looking boy, he is mellow and just a bit timid but once in his new home he should be fine. He was born in 6-2017

So much to say about Jericho, he’s a talker, loves his brother and an all around great boy. He is an older kitten, probably born in March of 2017. Because he is so close to his brother the founders are going to pay for the second adoption, these two boys adopted together for only $75.00 (Adopted)

Julius was the shy one when these boys arrived but he did a complete turn around, he loves humans and his brother, he was probably born in March of 2017. Because he is so close to his brother the founders are going to pay for the second adoption, these two boys adopted together for only $75.00 (Adopted)

Akela is a sweet, soft adorable little girl, she is small for her age and probably won’t get too big. She is a perfect little girl that was born in 6-2017 (Adopted)

From Florida, Kissimme is the oldest of the group born in 4-2017. She is a love bug, has a gorgeous coat and just loves hanging out.

Biscayne is a permakitty from Florida, born in 4-2017 she is tiny for her age so we don’t think she will get much bigger. She is fighting a cold right now but gaining weight, once she is back on track her fur should thicken to a beautiful fluffy coat. (Adopted)

Naples is a people kitty from Florida, he was making muffins during his test and shots. He loves humans, is energetic and lots of fun. Naples was born in mid June of 2017 (Adopted)

Baby Largo made the long trip from Flordia, she is sweet and loves being held. Largo gets along with other kitties and is way too cute. We think she was born in early August 2017

From Florida Pompano is a shy little guy but he will come around. Pompano had 4 siblings 2 have already been adopted. He was born in early August 2017 (Adopted)

The long trip from Florida didn’t bother Okeechobee, she is an adorable little girl with a splash of white on her chest. She was born in 8-2017 and needs a home. (Adopted)

Sarasota is a cute little girl from Florida, she is a little fluffy, sweet and a great little girl. We think she and her siblings were born in 8-2017

Afina came alone, she’s a cute little girl that loves people and loves playing. We think Afina was born in mid July of 2017 (Adopted)

Handsome Orlando made the long trip from Florida, he is active and fun, he loves people and other kitties. We think he was born in late June 2017

Kipling is a wonderful older kitten, he purrs, loves being held and is just a perfect young man. He was dumped with his siblings in Hanover and we think he was born in March 2017 (Adopted)

This wonderful boy was dumped in Hanover. Kenyon is an absolutely perfect kitten, he is solid with short legs, loves belly rubs and super sweet. He was born in March of 2017 (Adopted)

Kiana is a spotted little girl that will not get too much bigger, she is a permakitty and way too cute. We are guessing her to be born in March of 2017 and she weighs in at 3 1/2 lb. (Adopted)


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