We never give up on our kitties

Valimai came to us in May of 2016 as a kitten, her siblings were adopted within a few months, she was shy and was overlooked. Valimai is over 1 ½ years old, she is active and fun but still a little leery of strangers. We never give up on adopting our babies and today Valimai went to live with a wonderful young lady, I think they both needed each other.

She was our longest resident and finally found her forever home, she will have love on a daily basis and windows to watch the birds and squirrels, Valimai was lucky to find a home at this stage of the game, she had 3 strikes against her, she was black, an adult and still shy but I’m sure once in her new home she will shine. Good luck Valimai, we will all miss you but happy you moved on to a great forever home.

Valimai as a kitten when she arrived May of 2016

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